Terms of wettem.com

The following General Terms shall apply to the use of the site wettem.com.

1st General

By registering on this Site Terms of Use for this site, hereinafter referred to as wettem.com be accepted..

2nd Participation and use

The competition is open only to persons over 18 Age have achieved.

The user may use the services of wettem.com personally and exclusively for private purposes. Any use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

The participant is responsible for the accuracy, particularly its e-mail address, even responsible. To participate in wettem.com is imperative that all personal information is truthful.

3rd Only virtual betting

On wettem.com may only be played with virtual operations. The operators of the website, participants have to emphasize that private betting is illegal in some countries. It is for the participants to clarify this and to act independently with the law. Operators support in any case private, commercial or other betting, lottery, gambling.

4th User Obligations

The User agrees to:

  • make truthful information when registering
  • On the site is not to offend against the law
  • Make any tampering with the site and its functions
  • Do not restrict, prevent, or interfere free access for other users and their use
  • The site and its functionality is not for spam or advertising, including in particular the use of blended private, commercial ads, the reference to a commercial provider of services and the (overt or covert) advertising of these (eg, text, links, images, or graphics, and the reference to foreign commercial ads
  • The site and its functions not to use for the production of e-mail addresses and other information for spam and advertising
  • The offer may not be used for the use of Lotto or similar games, if this against the law in the country the user is failed.
  • The responsibility for the content posted to Apply. This is true even after the cancelation.

5th Consequences for obvious violation of the Terms of Use

Unless wettem.com is taken by third parties against the conduct of the user at or through the use of wettem.com and its functions, or in connection with an agreement among users in availing itself of the user undertakes wettem.com of all claims brought by third parties to indemnify and replace the reasonable costs of legal defense of wettem.com.

The breach of the incumbent user behavior may also lead to civil and criminal penalties.

6th Duration, suspension and termination

The user can cancel his registration and participation at any time without notice and wettem.com terminate with immediate effect without giving any reason.

wettem.com is entitled to the offer for the user without notice for any reason at any time without notice and to terminate with immediate effect.

7th Intellectual property, copyright, use rights

Content and structure of the website are copyrighted. All rights reserved. The user is not entitled to information or data (such as text, graphics, audio or video files and such) to use in whole or in part without the prior written consent of wettem.com in a manner to exploit or reproduce, the usual over the extent of use of a website for their own use goes. In particular, neither over content on other Web sites or media or sound or video recordings publicly reproduced, displayed, made available, delivered, rented and loaned or in any other way made available, so the information and data can be downloaded or copied.

Some are on the website logos and signs protected by law. The user is not entitled to use these marks and logos without the prior consent of wettem.com (or the appropriate rights holder).The user may not publish copyrighted images, text and other content on the site. Particularly but not exclusively, this includes company name, logo, official slogans, mascots, and cups.

No part of this website is designed as granting any license or right to use a picture, registered mark or logo.

8th No guarantee of operation of the site

The offer is free. A guarantee on the availability and timeliness of the site is not guaranteed. The result is for users of the Site any claim against the operators of the site.

9th Jurisdiction

The present contractual Swiss law is applicable. Jurisdiction for all the costs associated with these legal proceedings is the town of Aarau. wettem.com is entitled to assert their claims under their own choice and at the residence or seat of the customer.

10th Changes to the Terms of Use

Changes to the Terms on the website under "News" announced. They are considered as accepted by the user, if it continues to use the offer.